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Trident Learning Company designs both Comprehensive Training Programs and Individual Lesson. With nearly 15 years of experience in the Training Industry, Trident Learning Company is more than qualified to design a training program to meet your needs.

In Office Training

To improve your employee’s productivity and efficiency, all you need is to give them some TLC

Mission Statement

Trident Learning Company is dedicated to fulfilling your organization’s specific training needs, so your staff can develop into an effective and efficient workforce. We aim to be the Central Missouri training leader focusing on small and medium-sized businesses, by designing and delivering courses pinpointed on your organizational requirements, not our personal needs.

About Me

Jeff Miller

I am a veteran of the US Navy, where I supervised the operation and maintenance of a submarine’s nuclear and steam systems. One of my duties included the development, delivery, and administration of the training programs for all nuclear trained personnel. I also received both my Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Education, specializing in Vocational and Corporate Training programs. While acting as a Training Manager, I was recognized for my work to reorganize the records related to instructors’ certifications and course accuracy. In addition, I was singled out for rewriting and redesigning the training related to a nuclear submarine’s propulsion plant. After leaving the navy, I developed a comprehensive training program at the largest mining organization in California, where my efforts were recognized by the company’s Vice President for Operations. I am now using my expertise to help Missouri’s businesses maximize their employee’s potential.

Company Highlights

Company Founding October 2012

We were established in October 2012 and are looking forward to many great years of designing workplace instruction.

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