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Training Needs Assessments


This is a comprehensive review of the ideal situation, as defined by management, and observations of the actual job, as performed by the workforce, and a determination of how to make the two become the same.

Comprehensive Training Program Development


Development of a training program designed to take an employee from a novice to expert in all aspects of the company’s operations, or building of a company’s new employee orientation program.

Individual Lessons


Building of lessons to complete specific training need, either to correct an identified deficiency or as integral part of a training program to develop an employee’s skills or knowledge.

Job Aid and Technical Document Development


Creation of items to make the employee’s job easier. Job Aids are typically 1-page documents showing the employee the key aspects of the task and attempt to make the task simpler. Technical Documents are the actual formal policies and procedures the workforce use to complete the task or job.

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Company Founding October 2012

We were established in October 2012 and are looking forward to many great years of designing workplace instruction.

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